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Broomhill Junior School

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Broomhill Junior School prides itself on being a fully inclusive school; a place where all children can grow and develop. We make it our duty to ensure that, regardless of barriers to learning, all children feel an active member of our school community. We strive to raise the attainment of all our children whether they have special educational needs (SEND), English as an additional language (EAL), children who are entitled to free school meals (FSM), children of minority heritage or children we would say are most able. 


We believe that every child is entitled to be treated fairly and treated equitably with consideration, courtesy and respect. With this in mind we have a flexible approach to ensure that we can meet the needs of the children who attend our school to ensure they have the best opportunity to succeed regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, religion or ability. Many children attending our school have different needs and we have various means to support these needs including: interventions, nurture groups, a specialist pastoral team, a specialist class and constant training for all staff to ensure needs can be met. Our inclusive culture and nurturing approach allows our children to take risks in their learning. We treat children as individuals and as a result, children make progress academically, socially and emotionally.   


Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

We understand that all children are different and that sometimes there are difficulties that make accessing the curriculum challenging for individuals. This is identified as a child with SEND. We have clear procedures in place to help identify children's special educational needs. Once the need is identified, the class teacher and class learning support assistant will work closely with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator to ensure the relevant support is put in place and monitored. There might be occasions where the school will work closely with outside agencies to tailor a package of support to meet the needs of a child.


For some children, extra support is needed and, in agreement with parents, the school may request an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). 


SENDco: Jo Johnson. Please contact the school on 0117 9775120 if you require any support.


Broomhill Junior School consultation for a resource base - Tell us your views about plans to open 3 SEND resource bases in Bristol

Accessibility Plan 2021-22

External Professional Support 

Below are some of the agencies that school may seek advice from to ensure that the package of support is tailored to meet the needs of your child:


Throughout the time that children are at Broomhill, there might be occasions where they need some additional support. The current interventions that we run are listed below. Children might access these interventions because they have a special educational need, their progress has slowed or a significant event has occurred in their life that has impacted them and causes a barrier to their learning. 


  • Speech and Language (individual programme)
  • Touch Typing 
  • Lego Therapy
  • Drawing and Talking Therapy 
  • Read Write Inc. Phonics
  • Talk Boost 
  • Springboard Maths 
  • 1 to 1 Learning Mentor Support
  • Occupational Therapy (individual programme)
  • Letters and Sounds Groups
  • Bug Club
  • Comprehension Groups
  • Nessy
  • Rapid Reading 
  • Motivational Groups
  • Confidence Building Groups 
  • Young Carers 
  • ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) Support



English as an additional language 

All children are assessed and supported through our induction process. Duel language resources are provided and additional support is put in place to ensure a successful transition into our school community. 


Children entitled to Free School Meals (FSM)

The school is committed to support all children including those families who access FSM. We ensure that our provision supports the needs and reduces the barriers to their learning. We also provide additional support for those families with a low household income. 


Pastoral Support 

Our Learning Mentors are trained to support children during difficult times, these could include: bereavements, divorce, anxiety, low self-esteem and more...


Most Able Children

As a school we do not only provide additional support for those children who are struggling or who have barriers to their learning. We aim to ensure all children in our Broomhill community are challenged and can excel to their full potential including those who are most able. Through our provision 'AIM' (Able, Interested and Motivated) we provide a platform where children can work with pupils of similar abilities to deepen knowledge and be able to explore, whilst providing a challenge; placing no ceiling on their learning.