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Broomhill Junior School

Growing Together

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Who’s Who

Office Team


 Allison Carter: Office Manager / Attendance Officer


 Gail Stubbins: Office Assistant   


 Angela Phillips: Office Assistant / SMSA Lead / LSA

Paul Peterson: Site Manager





Teaching Staff


Melina Smith: Head Teacher

Designated Safeguard Lead, Teaching and Learning Lead, Assessment Lead, MFL, Mental Health Lead, Pupil Premium Lead, Eco Club Lead and responsibility for Children in Care.

Meg Collett: Deputy Head Teacher

Year 6 Class teacher (Park): Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead, Assessment Lead, Behaviour (Anti-Bullying) Lead, RE  Lead, Geography Lead and AIM Lead.

Jo Johnson: SENDco

Year 6 Class teacher (Park): Reading Lead.

Lara Hansford

Year 6 Class Teacher (Pero): Writing Lead and NQT Mentor

Jessica Carey: Upper School Lead

Year 5 Class teacher (Clarkson): Art and DT Lead, Performance Lead.

Peter Cubitt

Year 5 Class Teacher (Carpenter): History Lead

Lydia Marshall

Year 4 Class Teacher (Blackwell)

Leah Edmunds: Lower School Lead 

Year 4 Class Teacher (Brunel): Maths Lead, Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead

Lorraine Ogden:

Year 3 Class Teacher (Mon-Wed) (Grace): PSHE Lead, SRE Lead, Healthy Schools Lead and E-Safety 

Rachel Lucking:

Year 3 Class Teacher (Wed-Fri) (Grace): Music Lead and Science Lead 

Jack Perrett: 

Year 3 Class Teacher (Grant): Computing and Coding Lead



Teaching Support Team 

Liz Willis: Learning Mentor 

Young Carers Lead

Alison Hutchings: Support Teacher

EAL Lead 

Hayley Davidson: PE lead (currently on maternity leave)

Sally Rosher: HLTA (Park) and Learning Mentor 

RE Lead

Annette Pruett: Teaching Assistant (Pero)

Justine Weaving: Teaching Assistant / SMSA

Claire Gardner: Teaching Assistant (Brunel)

Miltos Samaras: HTLA / Teaching Assistant (Clarkson)

PE Lead (Maternity Cover)

Julie Graydon: Teaching Assistant (Blackwell)

Jane Payne: Teaching Assistant (Grace) / Breakfast Club 

Julie Evans: Teaching Assistant (Grant)

School Council Lead

Holly Parfitt: 1:1 Teaching Assistant / SMSA

Gary Swanger: 1:1 Teaching Assistant / SMSA 

Holly Rosenegk: Librarian 




Lunchtime Team


Neil Ackerman: SMSA

Julie Groves: SMSA       


Chloe Inman: SMSA