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School Council 

The school council at Broomhill Junior School play an important role in giving all the children a voice so that everyone can be heard. At the beginning of each year, anyone who would like to be a school councilor from Year 3 – 6 puts his or her name forward. Following this, they present their election aims to their class. Each class member then blindly votes for one boy and one girl. The two with the most votes are elected as the class councilors. 


Our whole school council is made up of 14 pupils and one teacher (currently Miss Collett). The children meet at least once a term, following a class council meeting where all children get the chance to have their voice heard. 


The school council carry out many roles throughout the year and these include: creating and organizing fundraising ideas, pitching ideas for new equipment around school, pitching ideas for changes of routine for school improvement and ensuring pupils of the school feel happy, safe and are learning. Examples of things that have been changed or renewed because of pupil voice include: the new play equipment on the playground, ideas for the new behavior policy and changes to how school equipment is managed in classrooms. 

Our School Councillors 


Year 6

Szymon - Park Class

Ashton - Park Class

Joseph - Pero Class 

Ariel - Pero Class


Year 5

Harry - Clarkson Class

Ruby - Clarkson Class

Lottie - Carpenter Class

Oliver - Carpenter Class


Year 4

Mia - Grant Class

James - Grant Class


Year 3

Tyler - Blackwell Class

Amelia - Blackwell Class

Scarlett - Brunel Class

Kobi - Brunel Class